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Moxa Products
Smokeless Moxa Rolls
34-MX-01 Smokeless Moxa Rolls
0.5” x 4.5” stick contains moxa herb.
5 sticks per box.

Stick-on Moxa Rolls
34-MX-08 Stick-on Moxa Rolls
Korean Moxa rolls on self adhesive base. 180 pieces per box.
Burn Time: 2-3 min.
A 40°C ~ 45°C
B 45°C ~ 50°C
C 55°C ~ 60°C

Mini Moxa
34-MX-02 Mini Moxa
0.4” x 0.6” mini rolls used for heating needles. Just fit the needle handle into the hole.
200 pieces per box.

Moxa Extinguisher
34-MX-21 Moxa Extinguisher
Made of chrome plated solid brass.
1.4” high x 1.1” diameter

Pure Moxa Roll
34-MX-03 Pure Moxa Roll
0.7” x 8.2” roll contains loosely packed pure moxa for general moxi-bustion.
10 rolls per box.

Moxa Burner
34-MX-22 Moxa Burner
Used to hold the burning moxa punk or moxa roll.
Comes with elastic band to hold on at any part of the body. Moxa extinguisher included.

Super Pure Grade
34-MX-05 Super Pure Grade Moxa Punk
Super pure golden yellow moxa for direct moxibustion.
20 grams per bag.

Moxa Roll Burner
34-MX-23 Moxa Roll Burner
Used to hold the burning moxa roll on any part of the body.
Comes with elastic band & moxa extinguisher.


34-MX-11 OS Moxa Spray

34-MX-12 Moxa Essence Plus Spray


Moxa Heat Pack
34-MX-09 OS Moxa Heat Pack
• Warmly heated pack can be applied anywhere and anytime without additional power supply
• Can be used for maintaining warmth at each bodily part as demanded
• Can be used for more than 12 hours at temperature of 122F-158F
Ear Seeds
34-ES-01 Ear Seeds
- Selected Vaccaria seeds sorted to approximately 2mm size.
- Packaged with breathable surgical adhesive tape on plastic carrier. Simply peel & apply.
- No more fumbling with rolling seeds and cutting tapes.
- 100 taped Vaccaria seeds per box.

Ear Press Tacks
34-PT-3415 Ear Press Tacks
- Pre-taped press tacks on plastic carrier.
- 0.22mm diameter x 1.5mm long with 2.5mm base loop.
- Surgical stainless steel. Pre-sterilized.
- Needle base is anchored between two layers of breathable surgical adhesive tapes for safety and extra comfort.

  • Tack will not accidentally fall into ear canal or be left behind during removal of tack.
  • The base is isolated from the skin and will not irritate or induce unwanted stimulation.
- 10 individually accessible press tacks per carrier sealed in blister pack. 100 press tacks per box.


19 pcs Cupping Set
34-CP-02E BODYMATE 19 Piece Premium Heat / Shock resistant cupping set
• Shock and heat resistant
• 19 Premium Cups:
• 13 x 4.5mm (inner diameter)
• 1 x 4.0mm (inner diameter) • 2 x 3.0mm (inner diameter) • 1 x 2.5mm (inner diameter) • 2 x 2.2mm (inner diameter) • 1 x Extension tube • 10 x Removable pressure bars • 1 x Hand Pump
• Basic Instruction Manual (Does not illustrate cupping techniques)
• Carry Case

12 Cups Magnetic Cupping Set
34-CP-07 12-Cups Magnetic Cupping Set
Included are:
1 x pistol style pump
12 x cups
8 x Magnetic Probe
1 x Extension tube

Medical Magnetic Jars
34-CP-04 Medical Magnetic Jars
Plastic jars with built-in piston for ease of use - just twist and vacuum.
Extra thickness of the jar wall. Comes with user manual.
Wood carrying case.

Classic Fire Cupping Glass Jars
Classic Fire Cupping Glass Jars
34-CP-10 - Set of four
34-CP-10S - 1.5” (38mm) diameter
34-CP-10M - 1.9” (48mm) diameter
34-CP-10L - 2.2” (55mm) diameter
34-CP-10XL - 2.5” (64mm) diameter

Large Derma Roller
34-DR-01 Large Derma Roller
Large derma roller, 1” (2.5cm) diameter by 4” (10cm) long, with 550 pyramid-shaped spikes. Ideal for large area applications. Made of aluminum.

Stainless Steel Probe
34-DP-04 Stainless Steel Probe
Stainless steel probe features handle with pyramid-shaped ribbed surface and spring loaded probe, 4.5” in length. Probe shaft is graduated for easy repeat of pressure assertion.
The rounded probe tip is 4mm in diameter.

Multi-Function Derma
34-DR-02 Multi-Function Derma
The roller head is 0.5” in diameter by 1” long with 153 pyramid-shaped surface spikes. The handle is 0.5” in diameter by 2” with 238 pyramid spike surface. A spring loaded probe is built in the handle with a ball-shaped tip of 2.5mm in diameter. May be used for dermal stimulation or as a probe for point location and treatment. Made of brass with 24k gold plating.

Stainless Steel Probe
34-DP-03 Stainless Steel Probe
Stainless steel probe features handle with pyramid-shaped ribbed surface and spring loaded probe, 4.5” in length. Probe shaft is graduated for easy repeat of pressure assertion. Ball-shaped tip with 2.5mm diameter allows for safe use of the probe without puncturing the skin.

Derma Rollers
Derma Rollers
0.5” (1.3cm) in diameter by 1” (2.5cm) long with 126 pyramid-shape spiked surface. Handle is 1.8” (4.6cm) long with grooves for easy gripping. 
34-DR-03 Made of stainless steel.
34-DR-04 Made of rust-proof plated steel.

Deluxe Spring Loaded Probe
34-DP-05 Deluxe Spring Loaded Probe
4.5” overall length. The handle has a 0.5” x 1.5” section with 316 small pyramid-shaped spikes for intense continuous stimulation. The probe shaft is graduated for easy repeat of pressure assertion. The probe tip is ball-shaped, 2.5mm in diameter. Made of brass with 24K gold plating.

34-DP-01 Straight Probes
34-DP-02 Curve Probes

Stainless steel probes for locating and treating points, either ear or body points. 6” long octagonal-shaped handle with 0.1” (0.3cm) diameter ball-shaped tip for inducing sensation and pressuring treatment points.
Dual Probe with Derma Roller
34-DP-06 Dual Probe with Derma Roller
4” overall length with rounded tip cone-shaped probes at both ends. One tip is 2.6mm in diameter with the other tip at 3.6mm in diameter. A stainless steel roller with pyramid-shaped spikes in the center may be used for dermal stimulation. 

Gua Sha

Natural Gua Sha Tool
All Gua Sha tools are made of Bull's Horn.
34-GS-SET Gua Sha Tool Set
34-GS-001L Arched Large
• 6cm x 9.5cm
34-GS-001M Medium Rectangle
• 5cm x 8cm
34-GS-002 Fish Shaped
• 4cm x 14.5cm
34-GS-003 Horn Shaped
• 15cm
34-GS-009F Angled Rod with Flat End
• 9cm
34-GS-009R Angled Rod
• 9cm
34-GS-011 Straight Rod
• 11cm
34-GS-013 Angled Rod
• 13cm

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